Monday, April 23, 2012

"8 Great Dates for Moms & Daughters"

This is the name of my fellow purity author Dannah Gresh's book for parents of tween girls.

For those of you raising girls this age, you know understanding and connecting with them can feel complicated. Sometimes the issues they face feel so overwhelming you want to crawl under a rock and pretend them away. Other times their new hormonal swings turn them into a child you fail to recognize.

Yet, this season of a young girls life is perhaps the place where you can make the biggest mark.

Failing to talk with them about the heart issues now is a recipe for disaster. Pressure to drink, have sex, and rebel in a multitude of ways is just around the corner (if it isn't already there). But now she is old enough to have frank fun discussions before she has to make her own choice.

Dannah's book is a GREAT tool to empower you to discuss the critical issues over fun dates with your girls. Her direction will help prepare you to chat about the tough topics in an open, inviting way.

And here's the awesome thing. MODSquad writer Tracie is hosting an "8 Great Dates" series. She's taking her daughter, Piper, on dates and adding a link up so that you can feel bouyed by fellow mothers in Christ on the same journey.

The link up for date one is up, so pick up your copy, take your daughter out, and jump right in!

And, be sure to check back with MODSquad this Wednesday for my post on modesty and parental responsibility!  Good food for thought to accompany this read! 

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