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Teaching the Easter Story: {DIY} Resurrection Eggs

This year for Christmas we were very intentional about teaching the girls the Christmas story and we wanted to do the same for Easter because it is so easy to get wrapped up in the commercialism rather than the meaning of the holiday. Now that they are old enough to be influenced by what they are seeing and hearing, we want to make every effort for them to understand the “why” behind these cornerstone Christian holidays. After all, a deeper understanding will touch their heart and hopefully influence them to choose God’s best as they grow.

While browsing the online Christian bookstore I came across the idea of Resurrection Eggs. Interested, I did some more research and basically found them to be much like an Easter Advent. It is a countdown to prepare for the “big day,” but it helps teach the Easter story in the process. Since our girls loved our Christmas Advent this year, I jumped on board with the idea. If you are looking for an activity but don’t have time to make something, these are orderable (although I can’t tell you what the 12 items are). However, they are a very easy do it yourself project and I loved the flexibility of choosing what we would choose to emphasize for our girls.

There are SO MANY components to the Easter story that you could choose to incorporate, but my goal was simply to piece together the story that is spread across church Sundays and teach faithfulness to the father, sacrificial love, and the gift of forgiveness. Things that I didn’t include in our 12 that I did see in some Resurrection Egg sets were perfume (for Mary), dice (for casting lots), vinegar & a sponge, a whip, a spear, linen fabric (for the cloth Jesus’ body was wrapped in), etc. I didn’t see the idea of the heart for the two criminals in any of them, but for me it was critical because it shows a genuine repentant heart and how Jesus responds when we admit our sin – something I want my little ones to appreciate. The point is that there is not a “perfect 12.” You can make it to emphasize what you want.

Here are what went in my eggs:

Egg #1
Object: Blade of grass/palm
Message: Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem
Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11
Discussion Emphasis: People cheering on Jesus

Egg #2
Object: Small piece of soap
Massage: Jesus washed the disciples feet
Scripture: John 13: 1-17
Discussion Emphasis: Humility. Our lives are meant to glorify God and serve others.

Egg #3
Object: Cracker/Passover bread
Message: Jesus ate the Last Supper with the disciples
Scripture: Matthew 26: 17-19, 26-28
Discussion Emphasis: God is present with us in the communion meal

Egg #4
Object: Flower
Message: Jesus went to pray in the Garden of Gethsemane
Scripture: Mark 14:32
Discussion Emphasis: Importance of being honest with God about our feelings and praying through everything

Egg #5
Object: Dimes
Message: Judas betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
Scripture: Matthew 26: 14-16, Matthew 27:3
Discussion Emphasis: Sometimes we might feel like doing the wrong thing (betraying what Jesus would ask of us), but if we do it hurts Him and we don’t feel good in the end.

Egg #6
Object: Feather
Message: Jesus predicted Peter would deny him three times & the rooster crowed
Scripture: Matthew 26:31-35, 69-74
Discussion Emphasis: Jesus knows the choices we will make. Let’s try and make choices that honor rather than hurt Him.

Egg #7
Object: Cross
Message: Jesus carried His own cross
Scripture: John 19: 16-17
Discussion Emphasis: Sometimes we have to endure tough, painful situations in life.

Egg #8
Object: Thorn
Message: Jesus was mocked, beaten, and wore a crown of thorns
Scripture: Matthew 27:19-31
Discussion Emphasis: He was willing to take so much pain because He loved us so much.

Egg #9
Object: A heart
Message: There was a criminal on each side of Jesus
Scripture: Luke 23: 39-43
Discussion Emphasis: With a repentant heart for sin we are shown undeserved forgiveness.

Egg #10
Object: Nail
Message: Jesus died on the cross for our sins
Scripture: Luke 23: 44-46
Discussion Emphasis: Jesus stayed on the cross because of His intense love for us. Because of His power, He could have come down (if that would have been God’s plan), but because He knew we too would sin and hurt God’s’ heart He stayed on the cross and died for every one of our sins so that in repenting we could be washed clean and reconciled with God again. Talk about importance of not taking sin lightly and prayer for doing what is right.

Egg #11
Object: Small rock
Message: The stone in front of Jesus’ tomb was rolled away.
Scripture: John 20:1
Discussion Emphasis: God is up to something. When we think we know the end of the story we are not always right. We need to keep listening.

Egg #12
Object: Nothing :)
Message: The tomb is empty. Christ is risen!
Scripture: Matthew 28: 5-6
Discussion Emphasis: God is bigger and more powerful than any situation. Death does not get the final victory.

All of these items were things we had at our house. In fact, I told the girls we were starting an Easter activity but didn’t tell them what. They did a Scavenger hunt for the items and I prepared it after they went to bed.

I spent a total of $4 to make this priceless set that we can keep and use year after year. I probably could've spent $1.50 for the eggs alone, but the cute basket was on sale and my girls wanted pink and purple confetti in it. Go figure, they are girls through and through. :)

If you are going to give this a try, gather your things (it took my girls about a half hour to do the scavenger hunt) and be prepared to start this Wednesday so the final (empty) egg is opened on Easter. I’m so excited. Nothing melts my heart more than the sound of my 6 year old reading Scripture.

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  1. Thanks for the instructions! I've been looking at these lately, and needed some step-by-steps to assemble my own. I also featured this in my blog post on creative ways to tell the Easter story. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for posting this. I am using it for my kids this year too and am very excited as we always seem to focus on Christmas so much but seem to overlook His resurrection (which I think is the most important thing we should celebrate). I have known about these for years but they are always expensive to buy from the Christian bookstore. This year I decided to try to make my own and ran across your blog! Thanks!

  3. Thank you for posting this. I will be using this in my 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School class on Easter morning.

    1. Awesome! I hope your Sunday School kids loved it as much as our girls did. :)

  4. What a great idea! I have never seen these, but love the idea of an Easter advent. Thanks for sharing. :)


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