Friday, February 3, 2012

You're Gonna Want to Bookmark This!

Check. It. Out. Our newest book Who's In Your Social Network has it's own website and I have to gush about it because I know you're gonna want to bookmark this!

This website will be a key to staying "in the know" on current teen culture as it relates to media, relationships, and sexuality. The community formed will inspire, encourage, and educate you. Teens, you will hear the voices of your peers and get helpful advice. Parents & youth workers, you will see & hear in a very real way what your teens are facing so that you can have healthier, more comfortable conversations with the people you love.

If you haven’t picked up the book yet, please order here and it will be on your doorstep before you know it. The words from your peers will promote more discussion in this space.

So here’s what you can be watching for on the WIYSN site

1) On the blog – The blog will be updated frequently with current discussion topics that apply to this book as well as Nobody Told Me (our first book on relationships that is another must have on your nightstand). In addition to our words, you can expect to see YOUR words. Any good questions and powerful stories written in to us with permission to be used could show up here. We want to hear from you so please write us!

2) Videos – Personal videos as well as powerful videos from external sites worth a watch will be added often. Sit back and enjoy them.

3) The Store – As you're reading the books, enjoying the blogs, and watching videos you might come across a need for more information. The store will have all that you need to guard your body and heart for the future.

The long and short of it? Bookmark, pin, or whatever it is that you do to get back to frequently visited sites and make sure that you check in OFTEN because it’s going to be fun and interactive and awesome. And, if there is anything you want to see us write about please be sure to ask because we will respond.

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