Friday, February 24, 2012

Transforming a Photo Album into a Memory Verse Book {with Free Scripture Downloads}

Today’s the day. The Scripture Sound Off is here! And, if you haven’t visited yet I sure hope that you will as soon as you get done reading this post. I absolutely LOVE how alive the Word of God is. Each verse will elicit some kind of response in ALL of us and through {comment} conversation we can encourage each other, drawing us all nearer to the heart of God and strengthening our personal faith.

The second part of the Sound Off is the absolutely awesome free printables to accompany each verse. So, I wanted to share with you how we are going to celebrate that opportunity in our home.

My oldest two are six and four. They love crafts so when I told them that we were going to memorize Bible verses together we made a special book to keep their Scripture cards in one place. This will make it easy for them to refer to and, as we add more verses, be a real visual reminder of all that they have learned and accomplished.

Isn’t it cute? They did such a good job!

It is a simple photo album transformed into a memory verse book. Suddenly something meant to look back will help them to look forward and touch their lives for eternity.

We practiced putting their names in today’s verse where it says “darling” and discussed what the word flaw means. You should’ve seen their eyes light up when they imagined God saying to them “You are gorgeous and My hands made you perfect.”

I’d encourage you to make a permanent place (in whatever way works best in your home) for your free printables to go through with your kids – from toddlers to teens. And, enjoy the conversations with them! This small time investment could make a HUGE difference in their lives.

Don’t forget to visit the Scripture Sound Off chat and print your free Scripture cards on MODSquad every fourth Friday.

Now, get on over and join in the {comment} conversation!

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