Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Let's Do Bible {Verse} Study Together!

I'm so excited I could burst.

Today on my MODSquad post I announced the Scripture Sound Off. This is going to an opportunity for us to grab a latte, gather around the computer, and do some Bible verse study together. The posts will have a single Scripture verse with a simple "how does this hit you?" question to follow.

Often times in life we are so busy dealing with what is in front of us that we miss the direction and love lavished on us from above. In reading the Bible verses together, we'll recognize our strengths and insecurities and then have an opportuinity to discuss our feelings in the comments section, giving the sense of hanging together in the living room encouraging one another.

That, in and of itself rocks, but then fellow MODSquad writer Melissa R volunteered to make free printables so that you can discuss and memorize the verses with your kids after you've had a chance to digest it in your own life. How great is that?!

The Scripture Sound Off will come your way every fourth Friday. I can't wait to chat and grow in our faith together. Come join in the conversation!

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