Sunday, February 12, 2012

Accessorizing Girls is So Much Fun

Moms of Girls, listen up! We all know that accessorizing our girls is tons of fun. And, I've discovered a designer that is like a diamond in the rough.


Krista Hofkamp (Love Bug Baby Boutique) makes all types of fun accessories from hair things, to legwarmers, to shoes, to tutus, and so on for babies to adults. Since we received more of her items when Hannah won the model contest, her products have become a fav in our household.

And here's the best part. In addition to supporting a mama and small business, she is all about making cuteness affordable for your family.

For instance, this weekend she ran a legwarmer sale and I got this adorable pair for free because I was the first commenter

and this for $1!

Plus, she does frequent auctions. So, I got this adorable satin elastic hairband for a mere $2

I love them because they are not only adorable but they are comfortable for the girls.

We also go one for $4 (it's impossible to get enough pink in our house)

and...brace yourself... this one from the Valentine Sale for $5.

The Valentine Sale is not done so I should probably wrap this up so you can get over to her Facebook page and find some sweetness for your little princesses, but not before I just point out this

and this

Ya. I'll wrap it up. I'd like her page so that you don't miss out on the upcoming auctions. I mean this great are hard to come by and the fun factor...Through. The. Roof!

PS- If you see the girls keep your lips zipped. Valentines gifts...Done :)

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