Monday, January 2, 2012

My New Year's Resolution

Is to write more.

Not just the book writing type (although I hope to do that too), but the put away the quick, convenient technology and sit down with a piece of paper and pen variety.

I've always loved connecting with others this way but I didn't do it as much in 2011 as I wish I would have.

There are three specific people I aim to write.

1) My granny. She and I have always been close and she loves getting mail. Often times she tells me I'm the only person she gets letters from. I'm all about bringing her more smiles! :)

2) Our World Vision sponsor child. In a previous post I shared that we are happy to be sponsoring a new little girl because the goals were met in our previous child's community. And, while I celebrated that great news, I regretted not writing her more. Sweet Nayely will hear more from us. This is about two families in two totally different situations enriching each other and I don't want to miss any opportunitites.

And, speaking of not missing any opportunities, I'll be writing to someone I don't even know.

3) "Marie." For many years I've been involved in crisis pregnancy center ministry. For many years I've also been a fan of Lisa Harper. She can teach the Bible in a way that has me laughing so hard it's an abdominal workout all the while infusing every cell of my being with God's love. Yet, her genuine spirit and ability to share can easily move me to tears. She rocks and if you aren't familiar with her ministry take a trip this way.

Last year at Women of Faith Lisa shared that she'd started the adoption process and recently announced her plan to adopt from "Marie" - a birth mother struggling with drugs, a horrific past, and the ability to believe God's love for her. I think if anyone can change that line of thinking it's Lisa :) but we can all use encouragement and Lisa has invited everyone to rally around "Marie." Letters are being accepted here. I challenge all of you with a heart for life, adoption, and the desire for all to recognize their innate value in Christ to join me in lifting her up.

I'm excited about my goal and thankful for this simple opportunity to spread joy. Did you make any New Year's resolutions?

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