Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Life Lessons from a Crawling Baby

I've been seeing a lot of this side of Ava lately.

Apparently she's decided that sitting around isn't all that fun and she's ready to be a woman on the move.

For some reason, I've really been studying her attempt to crawl. It's been a long time since we've had a crawling baby in the house. Grace is six and Hannah skipped the phase all together.

Like many things in life, the crawling thing doesn't come easy.

Once she got the power to pull herself up on all fours, she fell. Then as that stance became stronger, she started to move, but her body wouldn't take her where her mind wanted to go. She'd move her back two legs and crash nose dive into the floor. Realizing that wasn't quite working, she'd get up again and tried a new approach - hands first. Unfortunately for her, that stretched her body so much she'd belly flop.

But with each fall she'd get right back up on all fours.

I have to admit, the mother in me was okay with the lack of immediate success. We all know that a crawling baby means gates by the steps, dog food up on the counter, polly pockets out of the living room, etc. Yet, with each attempt, that chubby cheeked little girl would grin her hugest grin at me and I couldn't help but find myself saying, "Come on, cutie. You can do it!"

As I've watched her over the last two weeks, I've wondered what it was about crawling that made her want to do it so bad. After all, she could roll across the room in a split second. What made her want to try and try again each day?

And then it hit me.

She gets up, time after time, and tries again with all the enthusiasm her little body can hold because she has an innate sense that she was made to do this.

I want to be like her.

Somewhere between being a baby and becoming an adult we lose that sense of confidence. We dare to put our dreams in to motion but when the first breeze topples our self-assurance we fall and fear getting back up.

What if I fall again? Is it worth it? we ask ourselves.

But here is the secret I've discovered in watching baby number three work so hard to crawl

If He put it in us, it will happen.

So throw yourself into His arms. Whatever it is: the dream you've been scared to take the first step towards, the goal you haven't felt successful in reaching, the daily chore you simply want to do better.

Begin each day anew without fear of a few nose dives or belly flops. Choose to be like the crawling baby that hasn't been stilted by the voices and comparisons of the world.

Take heart, my friends, success, peace, & incredible joy will come.

PS- Ava crawled today :)

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