Friday, January 6, 2012

Clickin' Along. Internet Surfing Strong

The weekend is here!

As you relax, kick up your feet, and see what is happening in the world I invite your Internet search to include two wonderful sites that are filling me with joy.

First, Pam and I are honored to be featured in The Innocent Voice this month. This magazine promotes the dignity of all people through faith based articles. Our article will empower all you parents and youth leaders to start important discussion about sex and promoting God's best with the teens in your life.

On a more relaxed note, the MODSquad cafe is open today. I love being a MODSquad writer - encouraging mothers of daughters to raise their girls in the Lord. The first Friday of the month is always a question that invites mothers to grab a latte, read a question, and take turns answering from our electronic devices. The ideas, support, and grace that come from these chats are java for the soul so don't miss out on these month to month. :) Today's question: what are your mom goals for 2012?

I love that I get to share this news with you on Ephiphany. Today we celebrate the wise men arriving to see the baby in a manger. Their journey was long, but they stayed the course because of the Light and hope He was sure to bring them. May we all have the same zeal to commune with the Christ Child in our everyday lives.

1 comment:

  1. And we love that you are part of MODsquad Melissa! What a blessing you are!!!

    Have a great weekend!


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