Wednesday, December 28, 2011

You Are What You Eat

Now that Christmas has passed everyone is turning their attention to New Year's resolutions. Top on many lists will be the ever popular aspiration to get more fit. Admittedly, I will be included in that group. Now that the baby is old enough to go with me to the gym I am anxious to reclaim my body...or atleast try. :)

Eating healthy, the second half of the "get more fit" equation, will also be important to those aiming to lose weight. Obviously, if you take in more calories than you can burn off there will be how shall we say it excess. And, if Big Macs are chosen over fruits and veggies, the impact on your body is certain to be more negative than positive.

We know this to be true so we make very concerted efforts to consume wisely. After all, we want to live a long, healthy life.

But food isn't the only thing we consume. I dare you to find a home that isn't consuming media and lots of it today. Cell phones. iPads. Computers. Music. Television. Etc. We use it in abundance and sadly, would be lost without it. In fact, the average student today consumes 7.5 hours of media per day and if you take multitasking into account that number jumps to 10 hours and 45 minutes.

This affects our health too. What we put in to our mind WILL BE reflected in our character. If what we put into our minds equates to a steady diet of potato chips, Coca-Cola, and double cheeseburgers, we shouldn't be surprised if our thoughts words, and actions, that come out are pure nastiness.

Shouldn't we be as concerned about our integrity as we were our figure?

Start 2012 off right with an honest look at your complete health. Assess what you are mentally digesting and make any changes necessary to preserve your character, respect your (future) spouse, and draw you nearer to the heart of God.

And guess what?

Pam and I's new book is OUT EARLY to help you make that poosible!

Although written for teens/young adults, it is a message that rings true for all of us. Containing honest questions and powerful stories about the impact of television, movies, music, gaming, pornography, sexting, facebook, twitter, cyber-bullying, etc., in a fun facebook like format, we challenge all readers to think carefully through their choices AND inspire you to use your media for good. Because you can in a powerful way. Seriously, the stories shared blew. me. away.

Just like food is going to be part of your everyday existence, media (in some form) will be too. So, while you assess your cuisine intake why not inventory your mind consumption too? It's critical to experiencing health in true fullness.

This matters.

Orders made through Pam's office will ship immediately. Make sure your home (and most importantly the teen you love) isn't without it!

Happy New Year!

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  1. "What Would Jesus Eat?" is the best book written regarding nutrition! I use it in my nutrition classes instead of a govenrnment sponsored textbook! However, thyroid disease can cause someone to put on pounds that can be almost impossible to take off! Artificial sweeteners, synthetic dyes, other harmful ingredients & GMO's can alter our moods & cause us to carry unwanted pounds too! In fact, the flour grown today is causing a lot of health issues! Read, "Wheat Belly" and you'll be amazed! Shame on our farmers & government for allowing this to go on for the past 50-60 years! Most people can't find nor afford the Einkorn or Emmer wheat that God intended us to eat!

    People are stunned when I tell them that there is a written diet plan for us to follow, in the Bible! Even a bread recipe! Who would've thought!

    It really pays off to seek guidance from our Lord, wisdom from the written word, prayer & support from our Christian brothers & sisters instead of trusting what the government -FDA tells us!

    Here's to Honest Nutrition in 2012 !
    Lori, Harrisburg, PA & a fan of Pam too!


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