Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree

Every year in my house there is a discussion about when the Christmas tree should go up. If I had it my way it would be proudly displayed early November, but my husband has always felt strongly that we wait until the Thanksgiving meal has been eaten.

For a long time I couldn't explain why I wanted it up so early. I'd say that I found the glow of the Christmas lights relaxing and that was it...until I was writing this year and really studying the tree.

I have an incredible grandma. My love for her cannot be confined by words and every year since I was born she has gotten me a Hallmark ornament to commemorate something in my life. From my birth, to my hobbies, to my marriage, to our first home and so on, there is an ornament signifying the event on my tree. Once we started having children, she passed the tradition on to them - each getting one yearly.

When I married Charlie, a box of his ornaments made way to our first apartment. Inside were memories of his baptism, handmade gifts he'd made in Sunday School, and, since then, a Hallmark ESPN ornament that plays the theme song i.e. the "soothing sounds" that we fall asleep to each night.

Now new homemade treasures are making way to our house. Grace and Hannah have both crafted ornaments that remind me of special time shared in the school gym painting pottery, surprises made at church, and sweet gifts made at school. Even the star on top brings me back to the Menards trip where Grace was thoroughly convinced she found the "most beautiful tree topper ever." How do you say no to that?

Here's why I love the tree

This one unique decoration shares the story of our lives.

All of the ornaments represent who Charlie and I were as individuals before we met, our life as a couple, and the gift of being parents. I cherish it.

In the words of the carol "Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree! How richly God has decked thee!"

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