Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Stylish Hair Fun {With a Giveaway}

As a woman and mother to three girls, I think it is super fun when I find products that celebrate femininity in a stylish way so I'm thrilled to tell you about my new favorite etsy: hand made hair products from Love Bug Baby Boutique .

Recently, Hannah won a Love Bug Baby Boutique model search and these were made special for her. I LOVE this soft pink wrap

and the brighter one.

This headband has cool lines and Hannah, of course, loves the "diamonds" in all of them.

If you have a favorite animal or clothing line that you want something to match with, these are adorable options, are they not?

I first fell in love with this mom's stuff when my mom found these precious clips for Grace and Hannah at the sidewalk arts festival. My (adult) friend rocked one of these in a deep plum color for a reception and it looked awesome.

Ava got this wrap and clip. Great news! It was sized right for a baby head. Some swallow them up. Not Love Bug's! She also got a crochet hat. You can order the wraps, clips, and hats in any colors you want to mix and match as you desire.

Wraps, headbands, bows, hats, and clips galore are available at the Love Bug etsy shop and info on when Krista will be doing craft shows in your area can be found on her facebook fan page. These high quality, trendy products are perfect for those fresh out of the womb all the way into adulthood. I couldn't be more thankful to have made the discovery! Seriously, everything is charming.

AND, with the holidays right around the corner I'm excited to let you in on a special deal. Krista will include a free gift on any order you place through the end of the year when you refer to my blog in the my message to the seller box. Sooooooooooo.....look around her Etsy shop and get ordering! :)

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