Sunday, November 20, 2011

Look Who's Back in Town!

My in-laws!

Charlie and I were high school sweethearts. His family moved here our junior year of high school and by the end of the year we were a couple. Prior to officially dating, we were good friends so we spent a lot of time with each other's families. I quickly found out why Charlie was so incredible. He came from great parents. They valued faith, family, and togetherness. From the beginning, I felt at home with them and was thankful to call them family the day Charlie and I wed.

Adding to the gift, our families quickly grew close to be close friends. After Charlie and I married we started fun all worshipping on Christmas together and then sharing in a combined family meal. All the important life experiences were shared. It was golden.

When Grace was two, God called his parents to ministry in Pierre and from there to important work in Chicago. We were proud of their work and yet there was a hole. We are family people. We missed them in the church pew and at Sunday School performaces and dance recitals.

But today we give thanks to God who has called them into a new season of life. Sioux Falls is home once again. A house is purchased. They are moved in.

We can't wait to be able share suppers, drop by for quick hellos, maybe get a few more date nights when nama and hampa want some time with the girls :), and return to those simple family traditions that make life richer.

Welcome back, Gary & Andrea, we can't think of a better thanks to kick off Thanksgiving week than that of "welcome home" to you whom we so dearly love.

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