Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pre-order Who's In Your Social Network

You know when you're having a ho-hum morning and you pull on a pair of jeans only to discover an unexpected dollar bill in the pocket unearthing mega excitement?

That is how I felt in my own life yesterday.

My day was going along as normal when I received communication about a potential interview for Pam and my new book: Who's In Your Social Network. At first I was confused. Not wanting to up the ante on something not yet available, Pam and I haven't even revealed the amazingly designed cover for this new treasure yet. Why do an interview if we can't direct people to get it?

And then we discovered that it is now available for preorder on Amazon and Barnes & Noble! {Note that they both have a pre-order sale price right now...bonus!}

I couldn't contain my excitement. Squealing with joy, I attempted to share my happiness with my 4 year old and five month old girls who merely thought I'd lost my marbles so I phoned a more understanding crowd and shared the news with my husband. :)

This book is a break out on the media chapter of Nobody Told Me. Written in the same cool social networking like style, it covers all things media - movies, TV, music, pornography, social networking, etc.

And it is a must have for the teenagers in your life.

Media is like our diet. Just like food is a necessary part of life, media is a necessary part of our culture. All of us use it. None of us can avoid it, nor should we But, the type of media we consume will determine the way our character looks.

Inside the pages are powerful stories from students and adults who have learned the hard way, honest questions, a challenge for each teen to personally assess their own media diet, practical guidelines for healthy boundaries, and incredible examples of positive media and teens using it to change this world for God's glory.

According to a recent study, today's teens consume an average of 7.5 hours of media per day. When taking multitasking into account, that number jumps to 10 hours and 45 minutes. That is a lot of influence on one's thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors. Make sure the student you love gets the help they need to effectively think through their media choices so that they can exercise wisdom and walk in His ways!

And now, for the big cover reveal that you've all been waiting for

Isn't it cool?!

For those who use the links to pre-order, know the book is scheduled to be released the first week of January 2012. We pray it will bless your families.

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