Tuesday, September 6, 2011

You Are Never Beyond Hope

It was filled with color. A kind of floral fantasy that beckoned you nearer to study its rainbow of vibrant shades and appreciate the unique blossoms only an artistic God could design.

Noticing that the wave petunia stole my eye, my mother said, "It's yours. Happy Mother's Day."

My mother has a green thumb. Her gardens are always filled with color, shape, and trimmed perfection. Fast forward your mind to a Better Homes and Gardens look and there you have her back yard.

I pick it up and silently pray that I can maintain its beauty.

When I get the gift home, I proudly display the flower on my front entrance for all to see.

And then my crazy life happens. Children need my time, laundry requires my attention, book deadlines must be met, scorching heat keeps me from bringing the newborn out and suddenly what was once breath-taking looks like a pot of tiny dead sticks.

Oops. That's all I can say about that.

Every time I drive out of the driveway or play with the girls I think I've got to get rid of that eye sore. But I never get around to it. So there it sits in all its ugliness beyond a point of redemption.

Or so I think.

Until one day the girls ask to play sidewalk chalk. As I'm laying there getting my body traced, a blossom catches my eye.

It can't be.

Sure enough, there in the pot is evidence of a gorgeous petunia bursting forth.

And it was almost like God said, "Nothing is ever beyond redemption to me."

Smiling, I gave the flower a drink and began attempting to make what was once dead vibrant once more.

As I put the watering can down, I wondered what our lives would look like, how we would feel, if we truly believed God could do the same for us.

Have you ever felt weak, worn down, or lost? Has a decision you've made or something that has happened in your life caused you to spiritually wilt or emotionally die?

There is good news for all of us. The same artistic God that made the beautiful blossoms also created a depth of beauty in you. Your uniqueness steals His eye and He will work to bring forth new splendor when the furnace of life threatenes to steal your God-made glow.

We are works in progress always loved, always nurtured, and always filled with potential to live redeemed, vibrant lives.


  1. This is so true. I think it can be easy to think, "Oh, God can make anyone else beautiful" and forget that it also applies to you. This was a lovely reminder, thank you! :-)

  2. So thankful we are never beyond His power to change us. Beautiful post!

  3. I love how you closed this post: "We are works in progress always loved, always nurtured, and always filled with potential to live redeemed, vibrant lives." Amen to that! We are definitely works in progress.


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