Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Domestic Diva Style Birthday Party

Birthdays were made to be celebrated and last weekend we had two in our house!

Since the older girls are so close in age, have the same friends (for now), and like similar things, we had a joint party for our two little domestic divas.

They LOVE to cook.

Because God created them with this interest, I feel that every opportunity to enhance the skill is an investment in their future. One day they will move out and having this knowledge will benefit them as a young single woman (and prayerfully as a Christian wife and mother).

So, thanks to the inspiration of my wise friend who did a lasagna making birthday party with older girls, we decided to make it into a party theme. The girls each made their own personal pan pizza.

Prior to their arrival, my husband and I taped waxed paper to our dining room table, filled bowls with various pizza toppings, and made individual sized pizza crusts. Once they were all to our home, they picked places to sit and started making pizza to their liking. Since they are young, we had all sorts of creativity

Hannah’s looked like a face

Grace’s was a flower

Another interesting face

And of course there were pizzas simply filled high with lots of cheese and topping goodness.

While waiting, they swung at a colorful piƱata. For some reason, this Target purchase was near impossible to break open so following many attempts both blind folded and not, Grace went to get daddy and the girls broke out in a supportive chant. “Charlie, Charlie…”

Check out that MLB form! :) After a few powerful swings, he was successful and candy poured out for a little take home sugar treat.

The girls loved their finished pizza product and were all very proud of their domestic accomplishment, talking about and showing each other their masterpieces. And, as we watched, we could do nothing but smile because a financially frugal party designed solely to play off their interests ended up promoting self confidence and a desire to get in the kitchen to do more.



  1. How fun! You are a good mom, doing good things!


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