Monday, August 22, 2011

We Have a Kindergartener

And she was clothed in love.

When I was growing up my grandma bought me new clothes for my first day of school each year. Now that I have my own children my mom asked if she could carry on the tradition which took no time to think, YES!

Grace chose this adorable bee outfit.

She coordinated from head to toe thanks to Gymboree's uber complete line.

There was not on ounce of hesitation on her end. She was so excited. Mom and dad's hearts, on the other hand, were flip flopping a litle bit.

It was my goal to "be strong" in front of Grace, but she foiled my plans when she started singing skinamarinky dinky dink to me by the flag pole. Yep, the tears fell.

Once we were inside, Grace found her spot right away and happily bid us farewell.

Praise be to God the day was a success. When I arrived to pick her up, I was suprised to find my hubby there to greet us. Grace told us all about making a picture of herself in her outfit, learning the school song, playing games, meeting new friends, and the list goes on.

Tonight when we were picking her outfit for tomorrow, she said, "I wish I had a shirt that said, 'I love my teacher.'" And, she is sitting at the table right now making her a picture. Obviously she made a big impact in only one day's time.

Thank the Lord for people with gifts and patience to educate little people. Clearly we are in for a wonderful year.


  1. That is too precious!! Grace looked SO adorable...just as I imagined she would! :) I'm so thankful her first day of K was a huge success! I know the rest of her year will be the same.

    THANK YOU for being such amazing parents and being so dedicated in your children's lives! It's parents like YOU and C that we (teachers) LOVE and ADORE! :)

  2. My youngest is starting Kindergarten next week. I am feeling sentimental but so excited for him and me! Sending them off to Kindergarten was definitely the hardest with my oldest and then it has gotten easier.

  3. How wonderful that she loves her teacher! The clothes shopping tradition sounds like lots of fun.


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