Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wedding Rings & Kids

“Mom, why do you and daddy wear those rings?”

Taking my hand in hers, she carefully studied my diamond ring.

I smiled.

“These rings are gifts that mommy and daddy gave to each other during our wedding. Putting them on meant that we promise to be together forever.”

She smiled.

When we say “I do” we not only get the gift of life with our spouse, but we have the opportunity to become “creators” with God and welcome new life to this earth.

And so this marriage series continues. First came love, then came marriage, and then came a baby in a baby carriage. Or in our case, a sweet little bundle of pink three times over.

At five, three, and two months, our girls’ brains are like a sponge, soaking in everything that they see and hear and then placing those pieces into the grand puzzle of life. Their understanding of the world and future expectations are being set by what they are seeing modeled today.

For this reason I say to all parents, don’t forget to date! Between the diaper changes, dance recitals, school appointments, ball games, and whatever brings you together for your children, SHOW them your love for one another by taking time alone. Let them hear you say “I love you” and offer a quick kiss. Let them observe you heading out the door hand in hand. Let them learn through example how a husband and wife should interact. This will provide them confidence in the stability of your home and teach them the look of a healthy marriage.

Our children may become what we are. If our prayer is that they meet a Godly spouse and have a fulfilling marriage, we must demonstrate it first.

And, taking this time alone helps emotionally fill us up. We can have all the right intentions and perfect approach to handling the specifics of parenting, but if we haven’t invested in 1) personal time with the Author of our marriage and 2) quality time with our spouse, we will have no energy to draw from, wearing our patience thin and leaving us with nothing to give.

Wedding rings. They are small objects with huge meaning. Positioned on our finger, they symbolize to the world that we travel through life no longer as an “I,” but as a “we.” Let us never forget that.

It’ll make our kids smile.


  1. Love this! I think rings are a powerful symbol and one of the things I remember most about childhood is how my parents interacted together

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  4. You’re right, Melissa! Wedding rings are one of the most significant symbols of undying love. It’s a bond ring that will forever treasure one’s marriage and family journey. Anyway, thanks for sharing this wonderful story. =)


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