Thursday, July 7, 2011

"I Do" Ten Years Later

Ten years ago today I walked the aisle to marry God’s perfect match for me.

And, as I stood in the presence of my Lord and those gathered to support us, I promised this to Charlie-

Before Almighty God
I Melissa,
Covenant with you today,
To be your godly loving wife,
As an act of my will and desire of my heart.
I choose to respect and trust, help and care for you for
As long as we are given life together.
I’ll be your glory you’ll be my covering.
I will love with all the love in my heart.
For you I’ll listen with patience and kindness
So that I may inspire, honor and bless you.
I will share with you in all that is to come
Fidelity, honesty, and loyalty will ever guide my thoughts and actions.
I will read the Holy Scriptures and pray for you
Believing that together we can serve God and others to the fullest.
Above all else, I’ll strive to a woman after God’s heart
Knowing that only with God as my guide can I be the wife you deserve.

On our wedding day, these words they felt easy. Our relationship was grounded in love and rooted in Christ. We knew that we wanted to spend life together and that was enough.

But when we stand before the altar is really love’s simplest of days. The real work begins after the “I do’s” are spoken and two lives are melded into one.

Although we had dated wisely, parents whose marriages were healthy examples, and premarital counsel through the church, we could never prepare for what life would hold.

I had no idea that Charlie wouldn’t understand the concept of decorative towels. He couldn’t imagine thinking such towels were important. :)

We could not anticipate handling the pain of miscarriage or the struggle to conceive the first time.

As our finances became one, we couldn’t predict the twists and turns the economy would have on our salary already tied down by a mortgage and living expenses.

We couldn’t have envisioned me laying the medical school goal down to follow God’s call over our life for me to stay home.

We’d never have dreamed celebrating my signing with a literary agency and two book deals or Charlie’s new management position.

We didn’t know God would fill our home with precious baby girls that would thrust us into a parenting role, requiring new configuring of our time and joint decisions about how to best handle raising the future generation.

And the list goes on and on.

We serve an all-knowing God who knows our future long before we do. When we joined our lives in marriage we are promising to venture together through the unknown – the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful – as a unit for life.

Ten years post saying, “I do” these vows take on new meaning. After coming to understand the work marriage takes, I know they are a privilege, a joy, and a challenge to live out in the busyness of everyday life. Our relationship is peppered with new understanding, seasoned with new experiences, salted with a more intense love, and enriched because we have each other.

And, as the Holy Spirit has moved us and changed us in this tag team dance of life, I could not be more thankful to be Mrs. Charlie Nesdahl.

Because the truth is that married life is better than I could have ever dreamed to be true.

Thank you for the best decade of my life, honey. Perhaps we ought to slow dance to this one more time.

In honor of this “landmark” anniversary I plan to run a few more posts this month letting you into our lives from preparing to marriage to my favorite ritual. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. I LOVED this! Praying I am able to experience the JOY of the marriage covenant someday! What a BLESSING.

    Happy Anniversary, friend!


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