Saturday, June 25, 2011

Capris...And Facing Your Fears

They sat on top of the box next to my dryer. Each time I'd enter my laundry room they seemed to taunt me

Are you gutsy enough to try me on today?

Fear would get the best of me.

Not now. Soon.

My "regular" jean capris with no stretch feature. Of course, I wanted to try them on. Ava is here and my pregnancy is over so I want to be back in my own stuff. But, everyone knows that it takes time for a waistline to return.

In order to prevent feeling like a failure, I've continued to wear a few of the early maternity items or comfy, stretchy regular clothes. Ironically, I still didn't feel "good" because I wasn't wearing what I aspired to.

The annoyance mounted enough that this morning I broke. When I went down to the laundry room to begin today's wash, I looked at them, picked them up, swallowed my pride, and tried them on.


Elation overwhelmed me. Smiling as I grabbed a few more regular pairs in the pile, I heard God say,

This is just a tiny example of what you do so often in life.

I am guilty of, at times, living in the "in between." I don't try the things I really want to because I am afraid - afraid of failure, afraid of feeling badly, afraid the denim won't fit. So, I set a goal for myself but place it an arms length away. After all, I have felt the sting of trying on the denim to soon in the past.

But this is no way to live.

God has planted within us goals and dreams that we need to chase. If they are from Him, whether we fail or succeed from our perspective is not the point because He will most certainly use the result for our good - to shape us, mold us, challenge us, and increase our dependence on Him.

What are you afraid of trying today? I'd encourage you to quit saying, "Not now. Soon." and attempt it. I mean, who knows how long these capris have fit while I've been passing them by. :)

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