Monday, May 16, 2011

Thanking Inspirational Teachers

“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.” ~ Author Unknown

Teaching. It is an incredible calling that demands patience, organization, and a heart full of love. Teaching necessitates that one pair of eyes see and respond to a multitude of kids. And, good teachers will somehow – in only one body – see and respond to the needs of many bodies. Their mark will never leave the lives they inspire and hid inside future doctors, nurses, teachers, counselors, executives, pastors, priests, homemakers, etc is their loving, confidence-building influence.

This was Grace’s first year in school. While my husband and I prayed about where to send her and knew that Train Up a Child was the right fit, we had no idea that we could be so thankful for one teacher.

Mrs. LuAnn is one in a million. Under her teaching, Grace has continued to excel in her reading, Bible knowledge, writing skills, project making, and the list goes on. But, most importantly, through her style and approach, Grace has developed a genuine LOVE for school. In fact, she is really sad that once Thursday comes she is done for the summer.

As a parent, I am thankful. It is one thing to send your child to school and know that they are learning. But it is a whole different thing to know that they are being fed all that they need to lay a foundation of love for the academics. Having a child that is excited about learning is a gift and the foundation that she has laid will continue to bolster Grace’s confidence and serve her well as she leaves to start kindergarten next year. Her influence is irreplaceable.

People that feel called to the teaching profession are gems. It is only for those with a special gift. This week, as your child prepares for summer break, I pray that you will join me in taking the time to do something special for a teacher that has left their mark on your child’s heart – whether it be a nice card, a flower, a Starbucks card, whatever. I know that we always feel short on time, but the time that they have invested with our children has been a bright spot in their life and lit the way for their future.

I’m getting it done today. Will you join me?

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