Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring is in the Air: A Little Girls Bathroom Remodel

After posting pictures of the new princess room, many people have asked about the new bathroom that I mentioned.

As was the case with the bedroom, we let the girls take ownership in this so when they found this shower curtain and bathroom set in Younkers (and refused to put it down), I knew it was "the one."

This toothbrush holder is strictly adorable

And the matching soap dispenser was a must.

The hand towel

And matching bug rug finish it off.

The walls are the same Easter Basket purple from the princess room and they are decorated with these adorable white shelves I got on clearance at Target. Matching white shadow boxes are featured on the opposite wall.

Since they get to help decide what goes on the shelves, we have a little bit of decorating yet to do. :)

Lest you think we got away from princesses, guess again....

A matching Tinkerbell night light lights the way for them in the darkness.

This set was already 40% off and since it was the Goodwill sale at Younkers we had coupons to get an additional 15% off each of the items amounting to mega savings all the while benefitting the community - my favorite way to shop! Seriously, I think it would satisfy Design on a Dime.

It turned out absolutely adorable. In fact, I think I love it just as much as the girls. They definitely have good taste. :)

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