Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Once Upon A Dream (Princess Room)

Last week I got you all primed and ready for the princess room reveal. Well, today's the day!

As I mentioned, the girls know Whose they are and being the daughter of the King

they are in to all things princess.

We found these super cute comforters at Target and both girls wanted them for their bunk beds.

Since Target does an amazing job of marketing, we also left with these princess "wearable blankets." Basically they are the kid version of the adult snuggie in princess form.

I was lucky enough to be discussing the princess room with another mom at preschool and she told me that Walmart had well-working wall stickers. The girls picked this princess castle mural

as well as a pack with several of the princesses with princess things and sayings. I have to say, it was an amazing way to decorate the walls. We got tons of wall space decorated for a mere $30.

Because this was their "special" privilege that comes with being a big sister, they got to choose the wall colors as well. They selected Fairytale Pink and Easter Basket Purple from the kids room collection at Lowe's. All of the walls are pink with the exception of the wall above the ledge that frames a window.

Hannah was disappointed that we didn't use more of the purple and we had some left so they ended up with an adorable new kids bathroom (which they selected everything for) as well. Perhaps I'll show you that another time. :)

We finished the room off with this adorable sisters princess wall art from their aunt

and a princess night light, thanks to our friend who told us they had a huge variety of them at Lewis on sale for only $2.99. Daddy surprised the girls with these so he was in an instant hero.

Have I ever mentioned that I'm married to an amazing man? He gave up his manly Vikings room to fulfill their princess dream.

I owe a huge thanks to my mom for the time she invested in helping us get the job done. Not only do I appreciate her willingness and talent, but the time spent together was a treat.

So there you have it! An adorable princess room for our wonderful little princesses.


  1. Adorable! I have a little niece who loves the princess paraphernalia, and I get to enjoy it with her. Did another post say you're expecting another little one soon? Exciting!

  2. Love it! We have the same princess stickers in my daughter's room as well. She loves them!



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