Thursday, March 10, 2011

Celebrating the Princess Within

Baby #3 is due to arrive 8 weeks (or sooner) from today. Time is FLYING!

But, we didn’t want so much focus to be placed on the baby that the girls felt there was nothing special in this transition for them.

So, we let them pick colors and a theme for their new room.

For their last birthday they wanted a princess party. A local hairstyling school does girls parties (hair & and manicure) for a mere $10 per girl. So we decided to celebrate the princess within.

After all, all of us ladies are children of the King, making us HIS princess.

The girls invited some of their friends and off to the styling school we went.

It was Hannah's first time with a curling iron.

Grace was all about the curls.

They got their nails done.

Left hand in hand.

And then decorated picture frames at our home (which they finished off with a group picture).

Since this party, the girls love for princesses has only intensified. I'm fine with this because they know that they are His and this makes the princess concept "fun."

Consequently, their new room revolves around this theme. Once we have things up on the walls, I'll be back to show you pictures from their "special treat" in this pregnancy.


  1. How fun! I know those girls had the time of their lives!

  2. A very cute idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Awesome! Looks like a very cool way to do a party.

  4. how pretty! I can't wait to have a little party like that for my daughter when she is older! :)


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