Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Where's Waldo

Remember Where’s Waldo?

You know the cute little guy that was found somewhere within the chaos of different settings on different days? Well, that summarizes my writing life this week so I wanted to let you in on the find so that you can find me.

Everyone has a different talent. Some people make bows. Some people knit super cute trendy items. (I so wish that I could do that!) I make words. Not just words on a blog page, but words on the pages of books that you see at your local bookstore and bring home to enhance your life.

Unaware that this was a God-given talent, I didn’t always know that this would be my story. I thought God had other plans for me. But, after having my first baby, a request to write a manuscript with Pam, and an amazing conversation that led to an invitation from Wendy Lawton at Books & Such to be my agent, I was completely in. God had affirmed my gift and opened my eyes to all the potential that lies ahead making words fit in a way that educates, inspires, and brings the love of Christ near.

I love words. I love their power. And, I love the ability of a good book to draw its reader out of their busy lives and into a new world for a while.

My prayer is that my recently released book with Pam Stenzel will do that with today’s teenagers, their parents, and all who love/mentor someone in the 12 to young 20 age group. Our Facebook like formatting is the first of its kind and the stories and questions shared along with the information inside will answer any question a person has about sex and leave them walking away desiring abstinence until marriage.

Purchase your copy to get in the know and help the teen you love here.

This week you can find me in several different blog settings (and there will be some giveaways so make sure to check them out!) with different messages about the book. On Wednesday, I’ll be guest posting with The MOB Society. If you are a mother of boys, you most definitely need to check them out! Thursday I’ll be over at Teri Lynne Underwood’s site And, Friday I’ll be writing my monthly post for ModSquad Girl mama’s that post is for you! In addition, Erin from Home with the Boys will be writing her own review of the book on Friday and having some fun with it. I can’t wait to see what she has to say!

Get the Where’s Waldo effect?

Now it should be a little easier to find me in the midst of all your web pages. As I give thanks to God for the gift of putting together words in this form, (Pam and) I feel richly blessed to be invited to share in so many places.

Check them out and have a great week!

*Note: The book is also available on the Kindle ,iPad, and Nook*

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  1. How fun to find you on Twitter! And when I read your post, I felt I'd bumped into a kindred spirit. Looking forward to following you, reading the book and keeping in touch! Blessings...


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