Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Football Fun

If you are like many, last Sunday evening was spent in front of the TV taking in an American favorite - the superbowl. And, if you don't care about the superbowl, you may have tuned in just to check out the always anticipated commercials.

Each year, we host the football fun and this year we tried some fun new ideas that the kids could help with so I thought that I'd pass them along! :)

We started by placing a yellow table cloth on our dining room table. It created a team neutral setting.

Then, the girls helped to make brownies. When they were done, we used a football cookie cutter to cut them out and finished them off with white frosting.

As the brownies cooked, we made jello. What kid AND adult doesn't like jello?! It's a sure hit for everyone in attendance.

For Steelers jello, we used lemon with floating black licorice. I must admit, I wouldn't do black licorice again. It got pretty soft and definitely changed the flavor of the jello. But, for this year, it worked.

For the Packers jello, we put yellow gummy slugs into lime jello. This tasted excellent!

When everything was complete, we created a festive spread in the middle of the table. Then, we placed the "real food" around it.

Since we are a household of Vikings fans, the outcome was tough. But, we did call our family members who back the Pack to congratulate them in their joy.

I wonder if we will ever get to know that feeling?

Still, the time spent eating endless good food with friends while watching a great game made for a wonderful night.

What kinds of fun things did you do this year?

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