Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do You Prefer Books on the Kindle?

NOBODY TOLD ME is now available for you!

In an age where literature can be read in so many ways, this is exciting news - particularly for those of you who have asking for our book in this format.

I must admit, I have something about hold a physical book in my hands, turning the crisp pages, and passing along that which I love. But, for those who are talented enough to workout while reading (which I have discovered is certainly NOT me), travel alot, or simply like the look and simplicity of the screen, it is a great piece of technology that allows people to have multiple books without consuming a lot of space - and that is GREAT news for all book lovers.

So, just quickly announcing the brand new news! You can now read our book in whatever format you wish: physical book, Kindle, or Nook.


Also, I'm honored to be guest posting with Karin Kaufman today. Check it out!

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