Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dearest Baby Nesdahl

According to averages you are now about 17 inches & around 3 pounds. If my stomach is any indication, however, you have your father’s (tall) genes. Seriously, you’ve given a whole new definition to belly dancing. With the liveliness of the energizer bunny, you make my stomach move around & we watch in awe. To say you are a mover and a shaker is the understatement of the century.

Today I saw the pulmonologist and they were happy with how we were doing. Sometimes it feels like forever until you will be here. Other times you make it obvious that the day is coming. In fact, today during a live radio interview I had a contraction that momentarily took my breath away. Nice timing, kiddo!

The whole family is anticipating your arrival and as we’ve entered the third trimester (I’m 29 weeks), I want you to know how loved you are.

Your father, Charlie, is a man of God who will dote over you in ways that will only make my love for him continue to grow (if that is possible). As you age, he will be the one that loves to run around and play the crazy games like hide-and-go seek and monster, and he’ll magically finagle his way into the little plastic play house for imaginary play.

When he’s working, I will be at home with you. One of my greatest joys is seeing your every first. I know that I am blessed that way. And, when you sleep, I’ll be writing. As an author, I have the perfect balance between the being-at-home life and the opportunity to use my God-given skills to help minister to others.

You’ve heard your sisters’ voices by now and they have made the pregnancy with you beyond enjoyable. Discomfort from the reflux (hair maybe?) is all forgotten when they rush over to place their tiny hands over my belly and dream about you. Hannah even thinks she heard you laughing. :)

I have a feeling Hannah - who will be 3 ½ when you are born - will be more help than you are ready for. After a trip to the zoo today she proudly announced, “I can’t wait for spring so the baby will be born and I can hold it and hug it.” She routinely brings me diapers for you (already) and is enamored by any baby she sees. Be prepared!

Grace will be 5 ½ and is quite mature for her age. She will sing to you, dance for you, sit by you and read books, and pray with you. I am certain of this because she does it with Hannah now. If ever there was a tender-hearted soul, it is her. She will cherish you beyond measure.

I can’t wait to see your precious little face and find out whether you are a boy or girl. But, beyond the hospital, my favorite days will be those first days home, when your daddy is off of work and our nuclear family will adjust from four to five. Just like your sisters, you are a miracle. A definite answer to prayer. And, you will enter a house filled with love. So, incubate for a few more months, but don’t be afraid to come a couple days early. We will be ready for you!

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