Tuesday, January 25, 2011

So Where is Your Book Sold? Is it on Kindle?

Over the past few weeks several people have asked these same questions. Is it only on Pam's site? Or, is it all over. And, the answer is ALL OVER. In fact, last night it was ranked #6 on Amazon in the Teen Books Dating & Intimacy grouping!

You can certainly go to your local Christian bookstore and if they do not have it on the shelf they can easily order it in. All you have to do is ask for Nobody Told Me by Pam Stenzel and Melissa Nesdahl. The publisher is Regal press.

Likewise, you could walk into your area B&N, Borders, etc. and do the same.

Or, if you are an Internet shopper, there are several places to get it as well. Please visit Pam's Website, Amazon, Christianbook.com (where at the time being they have it for $7.99), Barnes & Noble, or whever you prefer to shop from.

As to the Kindle question- it is not yet available for the Kindle, but it IS on the Nook.

The first review in on the websites is 5 out of 5 stars (wahoo!) and we are getting great feedback from teens and adults alike that are going through it.

We don't care where you get it from. We just want you to have it!

And the timing for the teens you love is great. Get it in their hands before Valentine's Day to get a Godly perspective of love!

Also remember for a few more days you can enter to win a copy of the book as well... and who doesn't love free? :)

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