Friday, January 28, 2011

"Love" & Dating

“Could you please rock me, mom?”

With prayers completed and the day at a close, my 3 year old's gentle voice offered an invitation I couldn't decline.

Once she was snuggled in on my lap, she softly whispered, “I love you, mom.”

Breathing in the smell of Hannah’s strawberry shampoo, I rocked back and forth with one of the most special people God has entrusted to me and thought about her words.


It is one of the most loaded words in the English language. It carries tremendous power for good and Godly peace. And, yet its meaning has been so twisted by selfish desires that the simple misuse and misunderstanding of this word has destroyed lives and relationships.

I love you too, Hannah, and I thank God for you. Please Lord, protect her. Help her to grow in You. And, as she grows, help her to understand love as you define it so that she can experience the best.

I get done praying, lay my sleeping child into bed, and begin signing some books.

Just a few weeks ago, Pam Stenzel and I released our first book together (with Regal Books). Entitled Nobody Told Me, we compiled approximately 8 years worth of the best teen and young adult stories and questions and put them into a fun Facebook like format with Godly teaching and important up to date facts, making it a powerful read for any student 12 and up, as well as for parents, youth leaders, and mentors.

We want teens to understand love in a Godly way that will empower them to choose abstinence (or recycled virginity if they’ve made past mistakes) and set healthy boundaries.

MUCH of this is accomplished through being informed, setting boundaries in advance, and thinking ahead.

As Valentine’s Day approaches, many of you are watching your daughters of dating age throw around this word and make plans.

So, what can you help them understand "love" and think ahead before they date?

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*Also, I'm honored to be guest posting with Tricia Goyer today at Real Life, Inspired. Check it out!*

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