Friday, October 15, 2010


It has been a while since my last post, but for good reason

And I think you will agree. :)

A short while back we started praying about God’s desire for our family size. Feeling very blessed with the two children we have (particularly after struggling to get pregnant with our first), we were content with where we were and yet we wondered if God wanted us to expand.

He answered QUICKLY. We hear you, Lord. Message received!

The girls are excited. Correction The girls are VERY excited. Hannah tells me, “I love our baby” approximately every three seconds and even has a diaper set out for when it arrives. Grace brought us a cross that she wants to give the baby when it is here. Every day they are bringing me rattles and asking me when it will be ready to “fall out.” (If only life were that easy, right ladies?)

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the news but I’m feeling ah well, let’s just say that I’m bonding with soda crackers and am thankful for zofran.

By the way, has the inventor of zofran won some kind of lifetime achievement award yet because he or she certainly has my vote! :)

It seems to be getting better and since I’m in my 11th week it will hopefully be gone soon. Who knows, maybe just a few days.

My husband, Charlie, is amazing. The guy has wanted to shout it from the rooftops since the day we found out (which ironically enough was Labor Day) and yet he honored my request keep quiet until we had our 9 week ultrasound.

Isn’t she or he cute? Seeing a strong heartbeat and little arms and legs kicking around at us never ceases to bring tears to my eyes. Life truly is a miracle.

In the meantime, Charlie has been awesome at getting home from work and helping me with the housework that didn’t get done during the day. He takes the girls to the park or plays games so I can relax. He’s just a great dad, and I praise God daily that God gave me the perfect man in my high school sweetheart. I wanted a guy who loved the Lord and cherished family. I got both. Did I mention that he is amazing?!

So, I haven’t been meaning to neglect all of you, but as my body has been using energy to help grow a new life I’ve been taking lots of naps (during times I may have written for this blog) and used my healthy time to spend with my family, friends, and writing for our book project and ministry needs.

Our family would appreciate your prayers as we anticipate the gift of this new life! The due date is May 5, 2011.


  1. WOOHOO!!! So excited for you and your whole adorable family!!!

  2. Hooray!

    Um, and be warned. My cousins newest arrival DID 'fall' out, in her bedroom hall way before her midwife could even arrive! Luckily her sister was there to catch!

  3. Melissa,
    I am so thrilled for your family! How exciting!!

    You will continue to be in my prayers!

  4. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is FULL of JOY for you and your family right now!! :) I am SO excited!

    Can't wait to follow along on your pregnancy journey with you. Let me know if you ever need someone to come play with the girls (after school). I would LOVE to help you out in that way...if you'd ever like!

    Hugs, friend!!

  5. Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you!
    I also agree that zofran's inventor should get a medal. I lived on the stuff during all four of my pregnancies. Presently I'm 22 wks. With number 4....

  6. Congratulations Melissa!! How exciting for you and your family!!

  7. I got chills looking at the ultrasound. What a blessing!!! Congrats!!!

  8. Oh my goodness-- what wonderful news. If he/she is even half as sweet as Hannah and Grace the world will be richer for his/her arrival.

  9. I am pulling for a boy! ;). I am saving that blue overall outfit from the gap for you! (and am tempted to save my boy stuff for you.... You know, in case! :)

  10. Yay!!!! We just got back from being up north for the weekend and I am so excited to hear the news!!!! I couldn't be happier for you guys :) I hope you won't need the zofran after another week or so. I can't wait to meet the little guy or gal!

  11. Wow! Melissa! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to read about your new journey with this precious little life!

    Have a great iFellowship Day and thanks for sharing this wonderful news with us all!


  12. Congats Melissa. What great news! Happy iFellowship Day :)

  13. visiting from i fellowship - what a fantasic post! ultra sound pics get me every time :) congrats & blessings to you!!

  14. YAYYYYY YAYYYY! Congrats friend!

    (FYI - You will be our featured friend at iFellowship on Wednesday, just wanted to let ya know) :)


  15. Congratulations!! How very exciting!!

  16. Wooh! Congrats!! Visiting you from iFellowship today. Glad you could be our featured friend!


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