Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oh Be Careful Little Eyes What You See

On Monday, Amy shared this message of intentional parenting and Scripture time with our daughters. The need to be intentional – to carve space out of our day and purposefully foster faith growth in our children – extends to all areas of life.

Last time I was with you, I shared time frames for age appropriate discussion about sex. But, there are many aspects to choosing purity beyond getting “the talk.” And, having a well-rounded Christian base for decision-making increases our girls’ likelihood of abstaining until marriage.

This week marks a new opportunity because the new fall TV schedule is in full swing.

For many years it has been believed that the media impacts sexual choices. However, nay sayers have disagreed, claiming that the messages in music, movies, and our television shows are not reality. They argue that they are “not real life” and to a certain degree they are right.

Often times it isn’t real life, but they forget that our children of immature faith, and, therefore, they cannot correctly decipher right from wrong. They will process what they hear and see to be normal and “okay.”

This is a problem in a world where popular culture frequently sends messages contrary to the message of God.

And it’s being noticed. In an August 30, 2010 policy statement, the American Academy of Pediatrics said this, “New evidence points to the media adolescents use frequently (television, music, movies, magazines, and the Internet) as important factors in the initiation of sexual intercourse.” It goes on to say, “There is a major disconnect between what mainstream media portray — casual sex and sexuality with no consequences — and what children and teenagers need.”

What do we as parents do with this?

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