Saturday, September 11, 2010

Encouraging Those Who Encourage Us

When she enters the room, God’s presence follows. When she speaks, wisdom flows from her lips. When you share, God’s peace is evident. When life is challenging, she always stands on Biblical boundaries. And, when laughing together, joy overflows.

Do you have a person like this in your life? In mine, her name is Carol.

During my sophomore year of college, I felt called into crisis pregnancy counseling volunteer ministry. After filling out my application, I met with Carol who went on to interview and train me.

Little did I know at the time that God would use that prompting to bring a beautiful mentor and amazing friend into my life.

From the moment I began volunteering, I couldn’t wait to see Carol. She was sure to have a perky smile and fun story that would produce an infectious laugh.

Shortly thereafter, we started a Bible Study group together, inviting further faith-filled discussion and growth.

Because of that connection, our lives were woven tighter together. When my father died in college, Carol was at the door. When I suffered a miscarriage in our first pregnancy, it was Carol who offered a mum to always remember that precious life.

Laughter has filled life’s great moments. Car rides, rooming together for conferences, and common day experiences have created ample moments to giggle about life’s odd and surprising moments. Tears have flowed down our cheeks and our abdominal muscles have hurt from such intense laughter.

Everyday conversations flow. She calls. She texts. She visits. Despite her extremely busy life, she always has time for friendship and there is nothing that is awkward to discuss- No event or emotion too small to be important in the realm of God to pray over.

Carol has a way of always making you feel important. When you are with her you always feel heard. If you walk into a conversation feeling empty you always leave feeling fulfilled. And, if you begin time together happy you leave bursting with joy.

The reason?

She lives for God. Her every breath is focused on Him and her sole mission is to live out His love and purpose. I can only imagine how many lives she has touched and how many disciples of all nations she has inspired.

Who is this person for you?

As a whole we are great at telling people that we care about them when times are tough or that we appreciate them when thanks for an act or gift are in order, but what about sharing a grateful heart for simply being who they are?

It is easy to skip over these moments or to assume that they know how we feel, but the truth is expressing our thankfulness for their presence in our lives NOW is critical. None of us are guaranteed a “next opportunity,” so act now.

TODAY I challenge you to share your thanks for someone special in your life. I started with a Dayspring card and a little personal message. And, even though there will never be words enough for the love I have of Carol’s friendship, it is a great start.

Have your person in mind? I’d love to hear about them. And, happy writing!

1 Thessalonians 5:11 “Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”


  1. Carol sounds like a wonderful friend and sister-in-Christ! You are blessed, as I'm sure she is by your friendship. :)

  2. These kind words must be a beautiful gift to Carol! What a blessing to have such a wonderful friend.

  3. What a beautiful story about your friendship with Carol and the precious person she is because of her relationship with the Lord. You both area blessed to have each other and to encourage each other.
    Saw your link at (in)courage and followed you here. I also was blessed by those beautiful cards and posted a link as well.
    Have a Blessed Week of Encouragement,

  4. I absolutely LOVE this post!!! You've actually inspired me to be a better friend!

    I think this person for me is my Mom! We haven't always been super close - but over the past 10 years our relationship has gotten so strong!

    Then I have many wonderful blog friends who are always super encouraging and you are one of them! You have such a wonderful gift for lifting people's spirits!

    Thank you for following Christ and showing Him to us all!

    Happy Thursday!

  5. I immediately think of some of the gals who I have met through blogging {and will get to meet face to face at Relevant and have met at She Speaks} I know that God has placed them in my life for the encouragement that I need. The tweets, emails,etc that come at just the moment I needed them are a reminder that Someone cares.

  6. Thanks Melissa! We all need a woman in our life like Carol!

  7. wow - Carol sounds like such a blessing during such an influential time in your life!

    Stopping by from Cherie's Inspiring Women!

  8. sounds wonderful to have a friend and mentor like that. :) Stopping by from Erin's blog.

  9. I would love to have a friend and mentor like Carol. Thanks for sharing about her.

  10. Such a great post, sounds like Carol is someone we could all use in our life! Thanks for sharing and for linking up!


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