Monday, August 2, 2010

Love Lessons: Purity is Possible (The DVDs No Home or Church Should be Without!)

How did “the talk” go for you? Did you hear “God says wait until you married” (end of discussion). Or, were your parents altogether silent but fervently praying that you would pick up on good church teaching? Perhaps you heard it was for “love” and walked away scarred by the differing definition of love in the eyes of the world compared to love as defined by Christ.

Let’s be honest. Relationships, sex, and abstinence can be difficult to discuss. Not only is there a fear of saying the wrong thing, but there is a definite lack of awareness about all of the risks that exist for our sons and daughters. However, as parents back away from uncomfortable conversations because they simply don’t know how to have them, the world is bombarding youth with sexual messages. “Family” television displays teenagers jumping into bed together, magazines push the boundaries of pornography, much of today’s music limits the body to a lust object, and schools are handing out condoms to students as young as the first grade.

At home and in the church, these important conversations MUST begin, and lucky for you Internationally known Pam Stenzel brings her expertise to parents, pastors, teachers, CPCs, and youth leaders to bridge the knowledge gap and invite conversation. Speaking to over a half million teens per year, Pam is engaging, funny, dynamic, and wise. And, she’ll give the best “sex talk” you will ever hear.

Created specifically so that anyone can correctly educate, Pam recently filmed Love Lessons: Purity is Possible. With nearly three hours of total run time, this series is divided into four parts. The first lesson, “The High Cost of Free Love,” addresses the physical consequences of premarital sex. While every young person thinks pregnancy is their biggest concern, Pam highlights the major STDs and shares mind-blowing but true statistics that most students never otherwise hear. In session two, “Will You Accept This Rose,” Pam debunks the lies of today’s culture about “love” and meaningful “connection” and challenges students to guard their hearts. Session three, “The Slow Fade” discusses how small concessions in values end in major compromise, and encourages students to be one with Christ rather than the world. Lastly, “The Four Chairs” pushes students to consider their relationship with Christ in all areas of life, aiming to mature their faith to the point that they will stand for what is right regardless of the cost.

To top it all off, Love Lessons contains an extremely user friendly leaders guide (that I wrote). With an intro to prepare you for each section, this CDrom has discussion starters, activity options, and handouts for each session to choose from and print off in the number you desire. Awesome.

As we close in on fall and you begin preparing your homeschooling ethics curriculum, religious education, confirmation, youth group, or faith based school programs/clubs for the fall, I’d strongly recommend choosing this product for your students 12 and up. It will take the pressure off of you while ensuring that you deliver critical information to the important teens in your life.

And, for those who don’t feel the need for a curriculum but want to get the abstinence message in their homes, you can get Pam’s incredible one hour talk, “Sex STILL Has a Pricetag.”

Do you want to help your teen(s) and their peers choose character? Do you want them to have a clear set of healthy boundaries? Here is your opportunity! So, sit down with the students you love and listen together. Incredible discussion is sure to follow!

Then, I'd encourage you and your teens to check her out on Facebook. She'll keep you up to date on her speaking whereabouts, share fun stuff from the news, and provide you with personal encouragement.
Pam Stenzel ensures that the Love Lessons your teens get are straight-forward and Godly. There is no one better.

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